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-- Love/Crush and it'll take a miracle to hit that.
-- Family, blood or adopted.
-- Trusts you with The Secret.
-- Close friend
-- You're a friend, but won't admit it.
-- Talked to you once or twice.
-- Dislike and only dislike.
-- You're Vermouth or Aunt Katherine.

Hakuba Saguru (Canonmate, Cousin Saguru, [ profile] clockmaster)
She didn't really like Hakuba at first, but she has a fairly low opinion of detectives to start with and he seemed to be particularly annoying. Then they got into a discussion about England and they had some semblince of friendship. A month or so later Hakuba invited her along on a trip back to England. Haibara agreed, half of it to get away from the insanity that had suddenly sprung up among the Mouri house and had no desire to get involved and half just because she really really missed England.

That was when Aunt Katherine, Hakuba's mother, recognized her. It turned out they were cousins on Haibara's mother's side (And now I wonder, if Katherine and Vermouth look so much alike, does this mean Haibara and Hakuba are also related to her? Great job at maintaining family togetherness, K and V.) which makes Hakuba the last family she has left, since Aunt Katherine scares the life out of her she doesn't count. They ended up bonding very quickly after that, helped along by Hakuba deciding to get her a dog. That would be Umeko, the Hokkaido puppy she has living with herself and Agasa-hakase.

When Hakuba got shot she realized how important he is to her and refused to leave the hospital even when Aunt Katherine showed up.

To her, Hakuba is that last tie to normalcy, when she was herself and all that involved. During the What If? virus her What If was What If she'd never been in the Org to start with, which, in addition to never finding the comm, was growing up a normal kid (Well, normal for a prodigy) playing with her beloved cousin and elder sister. So coming back to find him shot first off really upset her, probably more than it would have normally.

He knows The Secret by virtue of being family, though she doesn't know that Heiji slipped up and told him after a fight she had with the Osakan.

Shirogane Naoto (Naoto-nii, [ profile] truthinfortune)
This one's a little unusual. They first talked when Haibara finally named Umeko and then started to discuss books. It was another mild "Great, detective. And yup, there's the Conan Doyle thing." case until she realized they had a common like of sci-fi. She's currently reading her way through his suggestion.

They spoke briefly when Naoto was cursed to be a frog by Akako. She was somewhat amused by this and did tease him a little about liking Hakuba... not realizing that she was pretty close to the truth.

They met in person for the first time when Hakuba was in surgery. Naoto had snuck off and the community decided that was a perfect time to post the audio of him crying. When Aoko and Kaito went off to look for him Haibara, not really wanting to be alone, went after them. There the two of them bonded insanely fast due to them both having only one living relative, Haibara's being Hakuba and Naoto's being his grandfather.

She's not fully aware of just how much Naoto's fond of her cousin, but she wouldn't have any problems with it if Naoto decided to act on them, unlikley though it would be. She's unaware that Hakuba let the fact that the BO's after her slip to him, and it would take a quite a bit for her to get comfortable with telling him the whole story. But who knows, it could happen.

Elle Woods (Elle, [ profile] woodscomma_elle)
[Description here]

Nakamori Aoko (Canonmate, Aoko-neesan [ profile] justaschoolgirl)
[Description here]

Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi (Canonmate, Edogawa-kun/Kudo-kun, [ profile] edogawa_4869)
[Description here]

Mouri Ran (Canonmate, Mouri-neesan [ profile] karateorchid)
[Description here]

Hattori Heiji (Canonmate, Hattori, [ profile] kendo_taisho)
[Description here]

Kaitou Kid (Canonmate, Kid technically anon, [ profile] pansbox)
[Description here]

Suzuki Sonoko (Canonmate, Suzuki-san, [ profile] sonokothegreat)
[Description here]

Minazuki Karen (Minazuki-san [ profile] bluespring)
[Description here]

Toyama Kazuha (Canonmate, Toyama-san, lj user="aikido-2-dan">)
[Description here]

{Kanezon} (Kanezon [ profile] mercifulmyass)
[Description here]

Ryudo Issei ("That guy that broke into my lab", "Ryudo-san", [ profile] ewwgirls)
As the first one says, he broke into her lab during his labors for Archer's freedom. So she shot him. Nowhere vital of course, just enough to make him think twice about doing it again. She didn't really care about the why of it, still doesn't really care in fact.

Was highly amused when Akako turned him into a rabbit after the Three's Company virus and has considered that punishment enough. Basically meaning she won't shoot on sight now. But he sets foot near the lab that foot's getting shot.

Koizumi Akako (Canonmate, Koizumi, [ profile] scarlet_magic)
[Description here]

Vermouth (Canonmate, "That Woman", [ profile] recreatebalsamo)
[Description here]

TELL ME IF I FORGOT YOU BECAUSE I HAVE A FAIL MEMORY! Will be updated throughout the night.

EDIT: Holy crap I did an HTML LJ cut right on the first try!

Date: 2009-09-19 08:45 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ♥

Please don't kill him because he tell Naoto about the BO ;_; he was on drugs.

Date: 2009-09-18 02:41 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Apparently, Naoto needs to add Ai to his Christmas list now...


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