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This will cover both Kurama and Haibara. Better to just stick them in one entry, yes?

...I do apologize, I got ramblely.


Arcana Card

Haibara’s card is The Hermit. This is the ninth card in the twenty two card cycle of the Major Arcana, the metaphorical Fool’s Journey of human existence.

For the Rider-Waite deck
The Hermit indicates silent counsel and wise advice given and received. You’ve learned many lessons thus far, and now you have the experience under your belt to know how much more clearly which way to turn in your life. The Hermit card shows open-mindedness and a willingness to be of help, and it can represent that either you will seek counsel or that someone wants to help you on your path of life. Either way, you have the maturity and wisdom of your own truth to decide for yourself.

For the Manga Tarot
Look inward, keep to yourself, search for the truth. Wait for the right moment, renounce haste. Don’t worry about other peoples’ opinions.

For the Lord of the Rings Tarot
Don’t rush into new sets of commitments. Check out everything involved before making that final plunge. Caution.

For the Thoth/Persona Tarot
Portrayed as an old man in a dark place or cave, holding up a lantern, the Hermit is associated with wisdom, introspection, solitude, retreat and philosophical searches.

And because I’m just that big a Tarot nerd, you get card pictures!

Manga (My favorite deck)
Lord of the Rings

Some keywords for The Hermit are: seeking truth, wisdom offered, the inner voice, and silence is golden. Archetypes for The Hermit can include Galadriel and Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Name: Similar to Hakuba’s shadow, Haibara’s shadow prefers to go by a different name than usual. However, this name is “Shiho,” her real name as an adult. Usually only Hakuba is allowed to call her that, so of course Shadow!Haibara will want it used as much as possible.

Description: Shiho appears to be an adult sized version of Haibara, which indeed she really is, with the signature Shadow Gold eyes. She wears a black lab coat and a black, ankle length dress. She could be said to be the modest one of the shadows, as she prefers to cover rather than reveal. Her hair shadows her eyes for the most part, save for when a glare from piercing gold eyes would have the optimal effect. Her feet are covered by black stiletto heels and black hose.

Her lab coat almost seems to flutter and pool around her, giving her the appearance of raven or crow wings.

Personality: The key thing to know about Shiho is she hides. She hides in her lab coat, she hides behind her hair, and she hides in her dungeon. She fears being found so strongly that she will actively and seemingly purposefully back herself into a dark corner. It’s agoraphobia taken to eleven. The only people or shadows she’ll act with any sort of closeness towards are shadow!Conan, Saguru, and Naoto. She clings to her relationships with Saguru and Naoto so much so that she’s nearly unable to function without some sort of approval or attention from them. Shadow!Conan is her partner, a tool to help her further her aims.

Along with her desire to hide is a deep, abiding shame and regret for what she’s done and knows she will do in her life. She’ll apologize for any mishap and mistake, real or imagined. Her sister in particular dominates her regret and sadness, and it won’t be unusual for the party to hear her sadly calling out the name “Akemi,” the sister she lost as they work through her dungeon.

Dungeon/Enivronment: Her dungeon is similar to Naoto’s Laboratory, only darker and with solid black walls. Along with the occasional sad cry, the sounds of bubbling chemicals can be heard. Once she’s finally reached the room is sparse, the only furniture in the room being a lab table where the chemicals are located.

The Shadow's 'True Form

Name: Raven Chaser
Description: The lab coat has taken on a more ragged, torn up appearance, now looking like a cape covering her body and appearing even more like wings.

Picture here.

She attacks by sending flocks of ravens at her opponents.
Level: 70


Name: Thought and Memory
Description: Her Persona will again be similar to her “adult” self, this time dressed as a falconer with twin ravens. They’re based on Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn
Role/Category: Fighter/Scanner
Elemental Resistance:

Resist: None
Block: Ice, Dark
Absorb: Wind
Reflect: None
Weak: Light

Ice and status effects based, strong fighter.

See attacks list here!


The standard difference between child and adult, basically.

Associated Song:

The Ghost of You -- My Chemical Romance


Arcana Card
Kurama’s card is The Priestess. This is the second card in the twenty two card cycle of the Major Arcana, the metaphorical Fool’s Journey of human existence.

For the Rider-Waite deck
The High Priestess appears in a reading to get you to open your intuition and feel energy being sent or received in ways you might not be accustomed to. The High Priestess reminds you of your own ability to see beneath the surface of what’s happening around you. She’s the psychic intuition within each of us, neither male nor female, left brain nor right brain; the High Priestess is simply the part of you that at some level knows the answer to your own question.

The High Priestess uses psychic insight to discover that answer instead of what we Westerners might call “rational thought.” If you’re doing too much analyzing or are too emotionally attached to an issue, chances are you’re not using your High Priestess energy. This card is telling you to listen to yourself, because the High Priestess just knows -- and so do you, if you listen to her.

For the Manga Tarot
Understanding, self-examination, asking yourself questions, reasoning with your own mind. Do not judge. Be prudent with your words. Inner peace.

For the Lord of the Rings Tarot
Allowing your inner thoughts and feelings to be your guide. Not knowing why you are prompted to do something. Trusting intuition. The call of the wild. Influences of the past, usually unconscious.

For the Thoth/Persona Tarot
The Priestess Arcana is a symbol of hidden knowledge or other untapped power, wisdom, female mystery and magic when it appears in tarot readings.

More card pictures!

Manga (My favorite deck)
Lord of the Rings

Some keywords for the Priestess are: Intuition, developing your psychic skills, and the Sixth Sense. An archetype is Glinda the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz.

Note: Yes, that is a V instead of II on the Manga Tarot’s rendering of the Priestess. That would be because in the Manga Tarot, the genders are reversed and a few cards were reordered to fit the new genders. In this deck, the traditional Priestess is now the Priest, which is traditionally the Hierophant. And so the reorder. The meaning however remains the same.


Name: He won’t care what you call him. Shuichi, Kurama, Yoko, it’s all the same to him. “I have many names” indeed. For consistency’s sake, I’ll just refer to him here as Kurama.


He appears to be something like this but with a much fancier, throne like chair and many more plants. He's also be showing much more skin than he usually would. On his chest he’s wearing Kuronue’s pendant. This is of course his redheaded, human form but with the Shadow Gold eyes. He's also a smug ass who probably gets along wonderfully with Shadow!Hakuba.

Basically? Embodiment of illicit sex in a plant filled room.

Personality: Kurama’s shadow is angered very, very easily. However, he rarely turns physically violent, preferring instead to go on the psychological attack, only turning violent when his anger reaches a certain point. When he does turn violent, it includes a lot screaming and visible rage, the rage he refuses to show his opponents under normal circumstances.

He’s very protective over the “child” Shadows (…I think this may just be Conan? I’m not sure) and will react very badly to even the suggestion of harming them. This sometimes even extends to children who are not shadows. Either way, he’s very mothering and caring to the point of smothering them due to his guilt over killing Amanuma, a character from the Chapter Black Saga (Game Master). His plants are also his babies, so anyone who harms any plant in the process will also be subject to the same punishment.

He greatly fears being abandoned or left behind. This actually comes from several sources: The fear that his human mother will find out that he’s been lying to her for years and disown him or perhaps even kill him (Hey, what’s logic to a shadow?), the fear that he’ll wake up someday and find out that these months he’s had Kuronue returned to him will all have been a long and unfairly happy dream and he’ll be alone and responsible for his death again, and all the lingering resentment he has towards his demon mother for frequently abandoning him as a young kit, which actually led him to becoming the thief he is now. Unlike Haibara, however, he doesn’t cling or show any outward signs of this fear until someone appears to be leaving forever. That’s when he, you guessed it, gets violent. He’ll have vines wrap around your ankles or your waist in order to make you stay, and if you still try to leave… he’ll try to kill you. ^^;

The only thing that isn’t actually ruled by his anger is his sexuality. There’s never been any confusion or repression here, so he’s incredibly open with it and if he finds you sexy in any way (or just that flustering you will be fun, hi Issei and Kanji) he will flirt with you. He may even try to seduce a few of his more openly sexual fellow shadows. Especially Hakuba’s, rawr~ His love of plants especially appears here, the vines making a return in the form of bondage implements and a thornless version of his whip sitting in plain view.

He’s a fan of tactile sensation, so there will be much touching and fondling of things, both alive and non. Groping is up to the other characters.

And then there’s the secrets. If you try to pull something he considers a secret out of him, he will shut down. Flat out ignore you and pretend you don’t even exist. That is, unless you keep pushing. Then? Well, he’s ruled by anger, what do you think?

Dungeon/Enivronment: An enormous, brightly lit greenhouse filled with topical, exotic, and incredibly rare plants, some of which are completely unrecognizable. Some places will be filled with steam and generally high humidity. Risk of fainting from the heat will grow more likely the closer the party gets to his final location.

The Shadow's True Form

Name: The Ravager’s Rose

Description: Basically? A more villainous version of what is apparently Aoko’s persona. Instead of pretty sexy lady though it will be his Yoko side, completely naked save for his silver tails covering the naughty bits. The vines continue to turn up, now as weapons instead of restraints. The rose starts out blue, then halfway through the battle it will turn red, and at around 20% HP it will turn silver and remain so until he’s defeated.

Level: 73


Name: Kikuri-Hime
Description: Canon persona! The goddess of life in Shinto myth. She once mediated between Izanagi and Izanami during their confrontation in Yomi, the land of the dead.
Role/Category: Healbot
Elemental Resistance:

Resist: Electricity
Block: Fire
Absorb: None
Reflect: None
Weak: Darkness

See Moves List here!


Shadow!Kurama will be standard size, True Form Shadow!Kurama is around seven feet tall and could easily carry Shadow!Kurama on his shoulders. Kikuri-Hime is slightly shorter than Kurama.

Associated Song:

Heart Attack -- Darren Hayes

Ignore the video itself. ^^;

/prays the cut works. Also Youtube? I'd prefer it if you gave me the actual My Chemical Romance music video for that song.

Date: 2010-01-11 06:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
That was incredibly detailed and awesome! Naoto is just going to baaaaw at Shadow!Haibara, so you know.

Date: 2010-01-12 02:09 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Saguru will have a party with Shiho and Kurama...I can see it XD

I love how much thought you put on this :3

Date: 2010-01-12 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
LOL so cute ^.^


Oh yes, a blast! :D

Why was he that much difficult? They're lovely tarot cards♥

Here's the pic of Kurama, ti will look better once I color it ^^'

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