Mar. 23rd, 2011 06:09 am
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[Clearly we start in media res, with a flash of yellow fur and what sounds suspiciously like a dog panting into the microphone.]

--meko! [There's a whine and the fur moves slightly] Get down off of my computer, you're going to ruin my experiment!

[The dog barks happily and leaps off the computer, sending the webcam askew but thankfully not causing any other damage. With the sound of claws on solid floor you can hear Haibara yell] NO! Do not chase Irene around, how many times do I have to tell you that?!

[A few minutes later a very annoyed and somewhat tired now nine year old girl sits down in front of her computer and fixes the webcam]

Cousin Saguru? I think we need to get Umeko a friend.
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[So we see Haibara in front of the computer. This is nothing new but... is she smiling? And laughing? Okay, that's somewhat disturbing.

Suddenly out of nowhere a pink tongue licks at her cheek, causing her to laugh even more and push at the nose that accompanied it. The camera pulls back to reveal she's playing with a Hokkaido puppy. She growls at it and ruffles the scruff of it's neck, laughing louder as it playfully pounces her.]

Thank you, Cousin Saguru!

[She hugs the puppy.] We need a name for you.

((OOC EDIT: And because I is a lazy mun who has a cart of needed to be deadheaded roses to deal with I'm just gonna say it here: All replies will be video unless otherwise stated~))


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