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2011-03-23 06:09 am


[Clearly we start in media res, with a flash of yellow fur and what sounds suspiciously like a dog panting into the microphone.]

--meko! [There's a whine and the fur moves slightly] Get down off of my computer, you're going to ruin my experiment!

[The dog barks happily and leaps off the computer, sending the webcam askew but thankfully not causing any other damage. With the sound of claws on solid floor you can hear Haibara yell] NO! Do not chase Irene around, how many times do I have to tell you that?!

[A few minutes later a very annoyed and somewhat tired now nine year old girl sits down in front of her computer and fixes the webcam]

Cousin Saguru? I think we need to get Umeko a friend.
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2010-10-11 12:31 pm

(no subject)

This is one of those days I should be thankful that unlike every other person in every world, I do not have texting on my phone, right? Cousin Saguru, you deserve both your hangover and whatever Koizumi decides to do to you.

[Locked to Hakuba and Kid]

Kudo-kun's wanting to apologize to me. He actually thinks he can apologize for everything he pulled.

I wish he hadn't come back. It was nice to have a place away from him.
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2010-08-22 07:22 pm

(no subject)

Edogawa-kun lost his access to the community, it would seem. He remembers it all quite clearly, but can't connect.

Thank goodness. I don't have to deal with him turning into an obsessed fanboy with Holmes and Watson here.

[Locked to Kid and Hakuba]

This also means we no longer have to worry about him running around like a reckless idiot anymore. Or his keeping important information from me. A number of things really.
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2010-06-12 01:55 pm

(no subject)

...He doesn't remember me.

Stupid place.

((Since Hakuba's greatest wish is to have never found the community, guess who doesn't remember his cousin.))
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2010-03-17 11:15 am


[See Haibara in bed.  See Haibara slowly wake up and rub her eyes.  Now she's heading over to the nearest coffee pot for her morning coffee, video following her as she goes from room to room.  Once she fixes it and settles down at her computer, she checks the community before starting her work.  She looks once, takes a sip of her coffee, and has a sudden double take, delayed reaction taking over.

She stares at the page.] ...It's another virus or everyone's gone batshit insane.

[Taking another moment to blink, she drains her coffee quickly and turns off the computer] Days like this it doesn't pay to get out of bed.

[So back to bed she goes, puppy trailing at her heels.]
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2010-01-14 09:29 am
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[It's dark and all that can be seen is Haibara sitting at her desk, attempting to get some work done despite the fog.  Unfortunately she seems distracted and keeps jerking her head like she's trying to throw something off of it.]

Itchy, itchy. [She scratches the back of her neck and seemingly having dealt with the diversion, she returns to her work.

A few more minutes pass before the head jerking continues, finally forcing Haibara to clutch at her head in pain. When she speaks her voice sound strained and tight.]

Itai itai... "But who knows what she spoke to the darkness, alone, in the bitter watches of the night, when all her life--" it hurts... "seemed shrinking, and the walls of her bower closing in about her--" make it stop! "a hutch to trammel some wild thing thing in."

[Wincing as she speaks, trying to distract herself by muttering snatches of Tolkien and Asimov, she stands and starts searching her room for painkillers.]

((All replies video unless said otherwise.))
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2010-01-12 03:11 am


It appears the fog is here in Beika as well.  [She takes a sip of whatever she's brewed up for herself and Hakase] I'm not surprised, to be honest.  We're fairly close to Ekoda.

[Her voice turns fond] Cousin Saguru is right.  It reminds me of London just before daybreak.

...The yellow is a little unsettling, however.

((Been meaning to say this for awhile, but if you want to assume your character(s) have met Haibara, especially during the HSAU, you're free to do so! I'm sorry I kinda failed with that event.))
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2009-12-22 04:18 pm

[Backdated to just after the end of the virus/Also NOT LOCKED]


If you ever hurt Cousin Saguru like you did in that virus?

I'm going to shoot you. I may or may not aim for a vital spot.
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2009-11-25 11:47 pm

[AVP, And the world was kind enough to lock this from Vermouth for her/backdated to this morning]

[It's early morning, and the rising sun is peeking through the lone window in the bedroom. The camera soon focuses on the... surprisingly large lump under the covers. All that can really be seen are a head of tea colored hair and a small blond colored teddy bear. A few minutes pass before the lump stirs and a head pops up, hair thoroughly mussed. The head shakes and the covers are pushed back. She swings her feet down to the floor, not noticing that they touch the floor a little sooner than usual. She stands and wanders over to her desk, still half asleep.

Suddenly she looks up and catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror.]

...What the hell?!

[Yes everyone, Haibara's been age progressed back to her normal self! And the poor girl's in a cautious sort of shock.]


[Locked to Hakuba/Unhackable/Text]

Cousin Saguru... I need to talk to you. Can I come over?
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2009-08-27 08:46 pm

(no subject)

I finally picked a name for my puppy!

I'm going to name her Umeko, because she likes to eat pickled plums.  Which is good, because I don't like the

anvlangoaib goiet0qhnva ganavna'j ioeabe9egana'jaioDEMGOENTHIHTE'I

...She also likes to put her front paws on my keyboard when I'm using it.  I still haven't put the backspace key back on after the last time.

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2009-07-23 12:56 pm

[Video Post]

[So we see Haibara in front of the computer. This is nothing new but... is she smiling? And laughing? Okay, that's somewhat disturbing.

Suddenly out of nowhere a pink tongue licks at her cheek, causing her to laugh even more and push at the nose that accompanied it. The camera pulls back to reveal she's playing with a Hokkaido puppy. She growls at it and ruffles the scruff of it's neck, laughing louder as it playfully pounces her.]

Thank you, Cousin Saguru!

[She hugs the puppy.] We need a name for you.

((OOC EDIT: And because I is a lazy mun who has a cart of needed to be deadheaded roses to deal with I'm just gonna say it here: All replies will be video unless otherwise stated~))
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2009-03-09 12:26 am
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[RL: A fight a long time in coming. Haibara, Heiji, and Conan.]

[Done in AIM chat, setting is Agasa-Hakase's place while he's out of the house.  Following the conversation here.]

OOC: LJ made this a lot more difficult than it should have been. )
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2009-03-01 04:11 pm

(no subject)

Agasa-Hakase really should buy a new car, given the way his current Volkswagon Beatle breaks down so often.

Heh.  German enginering my ass foot.  Still, it has to be better than some of the American's cars.  The Ford comes first to mind.

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2009-02-16 01:01 am

[Backdated to the fifteenth, private but easily hackable to everyone but Heiji and Conan]

I gave Edogawa-kun some chocolate on Valentine's Day, but he hasn't said anything about it yet, or even that he got it.

...He doesn't like me, does he?  He likes that stupid Hattori guy.  But I thought "What does it hurt to try?  Worst he can say is no, right?"  Turns out the worst he can say is nothing at all.  Stupid, stupid Hattori.  And stupid Toyama, not keeping an eye on him.