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Edogawa-kun lost his access to the community, it would seem. He remembers it all quite clearly, but can't connect.

Thank goodness. I don't have to deal with him turning into an obsessed fanboy with Holmes and Watson here.

[Locked to Kid and Hakuba]

This also means we no longer have to worry about him running around like a reckless idiot anymore. Or his keeping important information from me. A number of things really.


Jan. 12th, 2010 03:11 am
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It appears the fog is here in Beika as well.  [She takes a sip of whatever she's brewed up for herself and Hakase] I'm not surprised, to be honest.  We're fairly close to Ekoda.

[Her voice turns fond] Cousin Saguru is right.  It reminds me of London just before daybreak.

...The yellow is a little unsettling, however.

((Been meaning to say this for awhile, but if you want to assume your character(s) have met Haibara, especially during the HSAU, you're free to do so! I'm sorry I kinda failed with that event.))
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If you ever hurt Cousin Saguru like you did in that virus?

I'm going to shoot you. I may or may not aim for a vital spot.
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I finally picked a name for my puppy!

I'm going to name her Umeko, because she likes to eat pickled plums.  Which is good, because I don't like the

anvlangoaib goiet0qhnva ganavna'j ioeabe9egana'jaioDEMGOENTHIHTE'I

...She also likes to put her front paws on my keyboard when I'm using it.  I still haven't put the backspace key back on after the last time.


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